#EUniverCitiesTalks - N. 2

On 10th July 2020 from 15.00 to 16.30, the network organized the second #EUniverCitiesTalks” webinar, regarding the collaboration between Cities and Universities in COVID-19-time.

The second topic we tackled was about “ Welcoming days and international student mobility in times of COVID-19

At the beginning of the new academic year, city and universities are always in a state of excitement: the new students are coming in, eager to enter a new and crucial stage of their lives! This is also a period of intense city-university interaction, as students get to know both the city and the activity, with a lot of welcoming activities. This year it will be different however...but how?

Student mobility too will be different in the year(s) to come: it will be more difficult.  But international exchange is too important to sacrifice on the altar of Covid 19.

How can cities and universities design new international exchange programmes, combining virtual and real exchanges? How the welcoming period for new students can be organised in an era of social distancing?

We discussed and shared the solutions of the Universities of Ghent and Parma.



1. The experience of GHENT

     Thomas Buerman, International Support Team at the University of Ghent

2. The experience of PARMA

     Alessandro Bernazzoli, Head of International Division at the University of Parma